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Talking Book Partnership

The National Library Service for the Blind & Physically Handicapped has set the Talking Book library network's #1 Goal: To increase readership by 20% over the next 5 years.

We have a number of reasons to be confident we will meet that goal. Our program has never been better! The transition from cassette to digital format is ahead of schedule. 90% of titles circulated in Michigan last year were digital format. The new digital players are well designed and well made. For the somewhat tech-savvy consumers who don’t want to wait for books by mail, NLS offers downloadable books and magazines.

The Great Lakes Talking Books Center reopened in September 2012. We serve 15 counties in the Upper Peninsula and Alpena and Crawford counties. 612 adults and juveniles and 32 institutions are presently enrolled.

If we meet our goal to increase readership across 18,000 square miles, it will take a partnership between the Great Lakes Talking Books Center and public libraries. Superiorland Cooperative’s Board intends to allocate $5,000 a year over the next five years to support public libraries that participate with GLTB in an outreach program.

19% of residents across the GLTB service area are 65 years of age or older. Your county is one  with a high percentage of people 65 or older:

 Alger County 21% Iron County  26%
Delta County 19.5% Mackinac County 49%
Dickinson County 19%

Current readership in Talking Books:

Alger County 18
Delta County 57
Dickinson County   38

Iron County 27
Mackinac County 30

It will take a partnership between public libraries and local Talking Book Centers
to meet and exceed our goal. Please join us in outreach activities to make eligible people, or their families, neighbors, church members, home health care workers and schools, aware of this great public library service.




 Regional Resources: Websites, Contact Information, etc.

GLTB Outreach Grant Application

Braille & Talking Book Library Public Library Staff Training
Webinar       Power Point from Webinar

GLTB Webinar: Staff & Volunteer Training (40 min) 

Power Point from Webinar 

Sample PSAs and Public Program Script

Nebraska  YouTube programs, radio PSAs

Summary of Ironwood Carnegie Outreach Activities

Patron Digital Player Instructions Handout (short form)    
Digital Player Power Point

Digital Talking Book Player NLS Training for Library Staff

BARD Flier

Screenshots:  BARD downloads to Windows 7

Screenshots:  BARD downloads to WIndows XP






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