Love theatre?  Has anyone ever told you that you were a real ham?  Or are you less of an actor and more of a hands-on kinda person?  Someone who loves to build things...paint things...someone who'd love to control the lights and sound and all the things that go into creating a successful production?  Like to design flyers and posters and things?  (Check out our cool ASDC logo above. This was designed and created by drama club member Hannah Steckling.)

Do WE have the group for YOU!

The Awkward Stage Drama Club is a collaborative effort of the Historic Ironwood Theatre and Ironwood Carnegie Library. Comprised of area youth in grades 6-12, the club welcomes students from across the Rangeland and Northern Wisconsin. The club is supported in part by the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Grant.  We've already done a number of productions, including several plays and a Haunted House, and we've got lots more coming up!

LEARN MORE by calling the Ironwood Carnegie Library @ 932-0203.


We will be making decisions on what's next for spring and summer...plans are also under way for a 2016 high school muscial production...the first our community has seen in years...The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee!

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