The Ironwood Carnegie Library (ICL) Board of Trustees has adopted a Code of Conduct Policy to make certain that all visitors, volunteers, and patrons of the Ironwood Carnegie Library have the right to a library where they can access its resources, services, and facility in a manner that is safe, enjoyable, and beneficial. Library visitors are expected to observe all federal, state, and local laws, ordinances and library policies.


Under Michigan Statute (MCL 397.206) the Ironwood Carnegie Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to restrict or remove library privileges from anyone who violates the Code of Conduct.  Additionally, Committing illegal acts may result in arrest or criminal prosecution.


  1. 1.Any conduct that interferes with the use of the Ironwood Carnegie Library or disturbs other users or library staff is prohibited.
  2. 2.Physical or verbal abuse, such as harassment, yelling, arguing, cursing, spitting, threatening behavior and/or displaying obscene materials is prohibited. Threatening behavior may include staring, stalking, following, photographing, calling/texting, or refusing to abide by library policies
  3. 3.Inappropriate personal comments, sexual advances/harassment, monopolizing an inappropriate amount of time and attention of other persons or other similar behavior is prohibited.
  4. 4.Conversations louder than what is appropriate for the area, including phone conversations, are prohibited. Please respect the rights of others to read and research.
  5. 5.Personal possessions must not be left unattended. The library is not responsible for personal belongings.
  6. 6.Anyone who attempts or engages in illegal behavior on Library property will be prosecuted.
  7. 7.Fighting, provoking a fight, or engaging in disorderly conduct is prohibited.
  8. 8.Indecent exposure and sexual acts are prohibited.
  9. 9.Consuming drugs or alcohol or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited on Library property.
  10. Carrying guns, pistols, or other weapons, except as specifically permitted and exempt from local regulation by law, is prohibited.
  11. Display for public view of obscenity, child pornography or materials harmful to minors are prohibited.
  12. Smoking, vaping, e cigarettes, chewing and the use of tobacco products are not allowed on Ironwood Carnegie Library property.
  13. Soliciting or panhandling is not allowed on ICL property unless approved by the director.
  14. Printed materials must be approved by library staff for posting.
  15. .Photography of visitors, library materials or the facility must be approved by library staff.
  16. .Patrons should dress appropriately including shoes and shirts.
  17. A library card may only be used by the person whose name appears on that card (or a family member if card has been issued as a family card.)
  18. Food and drink are allowed in the library, but not at any library computer. Please clean up messes and throw away trash.
  19. Bicycles must be stored outside the building. Skateboards, rollerblades, roller shoes, and other recreational wheeled devices may not be ridden, on the wheelchair ramp, or the front retaining wall.
  20. Visitors must use headphones to listen to audible devices. Headphone volumes must be set so as to not disturb others.
  21. Cell phones are allowed but ringtones, conversations, etc. must be discreet so as not to disturb others.
  22. It is illegal to deface, vandalize, mark or damage library materials, property, furnishings, or facilities. Anyone causing damage will be charged for restitution.
  23. It is illegal to remove any library materials from ICL without checking them out.
  24. Children six years old and under cannot be left unattended.
  25. Use of library computers and library internet must comply with federal law and Ironwood Carnegie computer policy. (See Computer Policy.)

General Code of Conduct Violations

  • FIRST WARNING: Visitors violating the ICL Code of Conduct will receive a verbal warning from a staff member.
  • SECOND WARNING: Visitors who continue to violate the ICL Code of Conduct after receiving a verbal warning may be suspended by the Library Director (or a designee) from Library property for 48 hours.
  • SUBSEQUENT WARNINGS: Subsequent violations will result in additional suspensions of increasing length, determined by the library director, leading up an order of trespass from the library. The length of the order of trespass will be determined by the Board of Trustees.
  • Should a library staff person or patron feel threatened at any time, local law enforcement may be called to the library for support.
  • If a visitor is issued a warning, they must provide their name, phone, and contact information to the library staff.

Violations that Affect Safety and Security
Violations involving, but not limited to: verbal abuse, violence, threatening behaviors, sexual harassment, vandalism, drug possession or sale, or use, attempted drug sale or use, intoxication, theft or attempted theft, physical harassment, sexual misconduct or any behavior that threatens the safety and security of staff and/or patrons shall be handled as follows:


  • Initial Violation: Law enforcement will be called immediately. If the conduct constitutes a violation of local, state, or federal law, arrest or criminal prosecution may ensue.  Violations of this nature will result in an immediate minimum two-week suspension of library privileges in order to give the ICL sufficient time to investigate the incident.  After the investigation is completed, the Library Director or his/her designee may add additional time to the initial limitation or suspension period as deemed appropriate.
  • Subsequent Violations: Law enforcement will be called immediately.  If the conduct constitutes a violation of local, state, or federal law, arrest or criminal prosecution may ensue.  The Director or an authorized designee, may further limit or suspend the patron’s library privileges in escalating responses, which will be documented in writing.  Subsequent violations of the same rule will result in additional suspensions of increasing length.


A complaint or grievance regarding a suspension from Library property or use may be made in writing to the ICL Board of Trustees within 7 days of the suspension being given. The complaint will be presented to the board at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

An appeal for an Order of Trespass can be submitted to the Ironwood Carnegie Board of Trustees in writing within 14 days of the violation. The appeal will be presented to the Board of Trustees at their next regularly scheduled meeting.


4.2       What are the expectations for patrons with young children?


The Ironwood Carnegie Library encourages visits by young children and it is our desire to make this important visit both memorable and enjoyable for the child. In order to ensure that this visit goes smoothly, children under age six must be accompanied by a parent or designated responsible person while in the library. If the child is attending a library program, we require that the parent/responsible person t remain in the library throughout the program. Please note that the library staff will not assume responsibility for the care of unsupervised children.


4.3       What if a child is disruptive?


Children of all ages are encouraged and welcome to use the library for homework, recreational reading, and program attendance. A certain level of noise and commotion will be tolerated. However children (whether with parents or not) who are being continually disruptive will be give a warning that he/she must settle down or will be asked to leave the library. If after a second warning the child continues to be disruptive, he/she will be asked to leave the library. If the child needs to contact a parent, they may do so and then wait with a staff person until the parent arrives.


4.4       What are your rules about cell phones?


The library does not have a policy about cell phones. However, please note that cell phones can be disturbing to other patrons. The patron’s discretion is appreciated.



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