WELCOME! to the Great Lakes Digital Libraries Digital Magazine service!  Digital magazines can be accessed FREE of charge with your library card through Zinio, and may be enjoyed on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device.  Great Lakes Digital magazines are always available and there is never a waiting list.  There is no checkout limit, no due dates, and you can keep each issue as long as you’d like.  Additionally, magazines can be enjoyed offline after being downloaded.

Here are some simple steps to get you started with the Great Lakes Digital Libraries Zinio magazines.
The first time you use Zinio, you will need to create TWO accounts.  The first account is your Library Collection account, and this will allow you to check out the magazines for free.  The second account is your Zinio.com Reader account and it allows you to access and read the checked out magazines.

  • Step 1   Use a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Google Chrome to access http://magazines.gldl.info  or click on the Zinio link from your Library’s homepage.  Great Lakes Digital Magazines must always be checked out from a web browser.  After doing this, you will have the option of reading in your computer’s web browser or on a mobile device with the free Zinio app (see links to download below).
  • Step 2 Browse for magazines by title or genre, and find a magazine(s) that you would like to checkout.
  • Step 3   To checkout, click on the Checkout button or Checkout Now link. A dialog box will appear offering the choice to KEEP BROWSING to check out more magazines, or START READING to be redirected to Zinio.com.
  • Step 4 You will be taken to the magazine’s landing page on Zinio.com.  Create a separate free account for Zinio.com to read and manage your magazines.  You must use the same email address for this account (and it is recommended to use the same password as your library account).  If you have an existing Zinio account, click ‘Sign in here’ on Zinio.com to access your magazine. Once on Zinio.com, if you wish to navigate back to your library’s Zinio page, click the ‘Return to Library Collection’ tab on your browser. [Note: you must use the SAME email address for both the Library Collection account and the Zinio account in order for your Library checkouts to be accessed].

Zinio magazines may be read on a wide variety of apps available for many mobile devices. Click on the device that best suits your needs to download your free app now: PC, MaciPhone , iPadAndroidKindle Fire and Blackberry Playbook  Once you have downloaded the app, you will sign in with your email and password that were created in Step 4 above.  Click “Read” to access and enjoy your checked out magazines.

If you have questions, you can access the Zinio HELP PAGE here, or fill out an ON LINE FORM FOR TECH SUPPORT.  Happy reading!

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