Borrowing Policies


How long can patrons keep the books they check out?

Book may be borrowed for a two week period and renewed for an additional two week period up to two times unless the book is reserved.  Upon request, staff members can change the borrowing period to one month.  Books on hold may not have these options.

What about other types of materials?

DVDs and video cassettes may be checked out for one week.  Current magazines, the Daily Globe, and the most current week of other newspapers may not be checked out.  Back issues of magazines and issues older than one week of newspapers other than the Daily Globe may be checked out for one week.

What happens if a patron does not return the material by the due date?

The return of library materials is the responsibility of the borrower.  Fines for overdue books are 10 cents per day (adult books) or five cents per day (children's books) for each day the library is open.  As a courtesy, the library will attempt to call through our automated system to remind persons about overdue materials.  Patrons who do not pay fines or who do not return materials may be sent to a collection agency and a $10 fee will be attached to their record.

What if the partron loses the material?

If the patron loses library material, the patron is responsible for purchasing the material for the library.  If the library is unable to locate the patron, the library will report the material lost.

What if the library does not have the material the patron wants?

Titles or materials may be requested through the library's Inter-library load system.  This service is free of charge to patrons.

Are there any materials that cannot be taken out of the library?

Any material marked as Reference does not circulate out of the library.

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