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4:00pm Mondays                                           Chess Club (grades 3 and up)

5:30pm  3rd Monday:                                    Adult Poetry Group

4:00pm  3rd Tuesday                                    Adult Book Club

4:00pm  2nd and 4th Thursday:                  Pokemon Club

NEW DAY FOR CUDDLEBUGS              Cuddlebugs Story Time for babies and toddlers (see calendar)

4:00pm  4th Friday                                       ICL Board of Directors Meeting*


Due to the holiday, the December meeting of the Ironwood Carnegie Library Board of Directors will be held on Friday, December 15th at 4pm.

Thursday, November 30th

5:30pm Life Under Construction:  Author visit and talk with Allison Liddle, Ironwood Carnegie Library.  Public welcome.  Call 932-0203.  DETAILS HERE!

Saturday, December 2nd

10am to 1130am  Cookie Decorating at the Library! 

Children ages 3-12 welcome!  We have all the fun stuff to decorate cookies to eat here or take home!   poster

Saturday, December 2nd

4:30pm to 6pm  Jack Frost Open House at the Library

Join us before the parade for cider, cookies, and a craft project for children!  Stay warm and help us celebrate the beginning of the holidays at the library!


Monday, December 4th

4pm  Chess Club, grades 3 and older.


Monday, December 11th


4pm  Chess Club, grades 3 and older.

Monday, December 11th

3:15pm  Carnegie Young Authors and Illustrators, grades 3 and 4, Ironwood Area School 2nd floor library.

Thursday, December 14th

Pokemon Group, ages 8 and up.



Monday, December 18th


4pm  Chess Club, grades 3 and older.


Monday, December 11th


3:30pm  Carnegie Young Authors and Illustrators  Holiday Writing Group, grades 5 and 6,  Ironwood Carnegie Library. 

Monday, December 18th

Adult Poetry Group.

Wednesday, December 20th

Cuddlebugs Story Time for Babies and Toddlers

Thursday, December 28th

2pm  For the Birds!  Create birdfeeders from natural materials.  All children welcome.    Pre-register by calling 932-0203


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