Getting A Library Card



Who may get a library card?


Residents or property owners in the City of Ironwood or the Township of Erwin may sign up for a card at no charge. A current Michigan ID or driver's license with the person's current address must be tendered as proof of residency, as will a current tax bill for property ownership or other acceptable ID according to the library employee’s discretion.  GCC students may also obtain a free card by using their valid college ID along with a driver's license. 


Can my child get his/her own card?


Children can get their own library card by having a parent present their ID as stated above.  Parents/legal guardians are responsible for the children's fines or fees.


What if I am not a resident?


Non-residents may purchase a card for $30 per year (this covers the family.)  1/2 year card may be purchased for $15.00


Services will not be denied based on religious, racial, social, economic, or political status; or because of mental, emotional, or physical condition, age, or sexual preference.


Can I lose my library card privileges?


Patrons who are not in good standing may lose their library privileges (including borrowing materials or using public computers.)  A patron who is not in good standing includes those with more than $5.00 in unpaid fines or fees charged against their card, unreturned materials, or those who violate Library Policy.  Parents of children who have more than $5.00 in unpaid fines may also lose privileges until the fines are below that amount.  Exceptions may be made by the Library Director.


Who can see my library record?


By Michigan law and library board policy, all records relating to library patrons and their use of library materials and services are strictly confidential.  Library staff are not authorized to disclose such records to any third party.

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