Ironwood Carnegie Library


5:30pm  3rd Monday:                                    Adult Poetry Group

4:00pm  3rd Tuesday                                    Adult Book Club

4:00pm  2nd and 4th Thursday:                  Pokemon Club

9:30am   4th Wednesday *                           Cuddlebugs  

4:00pm  3rd Tuesday                                    ICL Board of Directors Meeting

09-12-19     4:00pm    Pokemon Club

09-16-19    5:30pm     Adult Poetry Group

09-17-19    4:00pm     Adult Book Club

09-25-19    9:30am    Cuddlebugs Story Time  (see poster here)

09-23-19   10:00am    Universe of Stories-Ironwood Area Schools Program (see poster here)    

09-26-19    4:00pm     Effective Communication Program with the Alzheimer's Association (see poster here)

09-27-19   4:00pm      Pokemon Club

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