Here you will find links to our Facebook photo albums which contain images of high school yearbooks from Ontonagon and surrounding areas. These images are provided to the public 100% free of charge for entertainment, genealogical research, and other non-commercial use. Enjoy!


1914 Boulder Browse Now


1915 Boulder Browse Now


1916 Boulder Browse Now


1917 Greenlander Browse Now


1917-1919 Ontonagon County Honor Roll Browse Now


1922 Northern Normal News Browse Now


1925 Boulder Browse Now


1926 Boulder Browse Now


1927 Boulder Browse Now


1928 Boulder Browse Now


1947 Boulder Browse Now


1947 Greenland Hi-Lights Browse Now


1948 Boulder Browse Now


1948 Mass Adventurer Browse Now


1949 Boulder Browse Now


1949 Mass Adventurer Browse Now


1950 Boulder Browse Now


1950 Mass Adventurer Browse Now


1951 Boulder Browse Now


1951 Mass Adventurer Browse Now


1952 Boulder Browse Now


1952 Rockland Highlights Browse Now


1953 Boulder Browse Now


1953 Mass Adventurer Browse Now


1954 Boulder Browse Now


1954 Mass Adventurer Browse Now


1954 Rockland Highlights Browse Now


1955 Boulder Browse Now


1955 Rockland Highlights Browse Now


1956 Boulder Browse Now


1956 Mass Adventurer Browse Now


1957 Boulder Browse Now


1958 Boulder Browse Now


1958 Mass Adventurer Browse Now


1959 Boulder Browse Now


1959 Mass Adventurer Browse Now


1959 Rockland Highlights Browse Now


1960 Boulder Browse Now


1960 Mass Adventurer Browse Now


1960 Rockland Highlights Browse Now


1961 Boulder Browse Now


1961 Mass Adventurer Browse Now


1961 Rockland Highlights Browse Now


1962 Boulder Browse Now


1962 Mass Adventurer Browse Now


1963 Boulder Browse Now


1963 Mass Adventurer Browse Now


1963 Rockland Highlights Browse Now


1964 Boulder Browse Now


1964 Mass Adventurer Browse Now


1965 Boulder Browse Now


1965 Mass Adventurer Browse Now


1966 Boulder Browse Now


1966 Mass Adventurer Browse Now


1967 Boulder Browse Now


1967 Mass Adventurer Browse Now


1968 Boulder Browse Now


1969 Boulder Browse Now


1970 Boulder Browse Now


1971 Boulder Browse Now


1972 Boulder Browse Now


1974 Boulder Browse Now


1975 Boulder Browse Now


1976 Boulder Browse Now


1977 Boulder Browse Now


1978 Boulder Browse Now


1979 Boulder Browse Now


1980 Boulder Browse Now


1981 Boulder Browse Now


1982 Boulder Browse Now


1983 Boulder Browse Now


1984 Boulder Browse Now


1985 Boulder Browse Now


1986 Boulder Browse Now


1987 Boulder Browse Now


1988 Boulder Browse Now


1990 Boulder Browse Now


1991 Boulder Browse Now


1992 Boulder Browse Now


1992 Ontonagon Elementary Browse Now


1993 Boulder Browse Now


1993 Ontonagon Elementary Browse Now


1994 Boulder Browse Now


1995 Ontonagon Elementary Browse Now


Frequently Asked Questions about the OTL Digital Yearbook Collection

Q: Why isn’t the yearbook from 19XX available?

A: Because we don’t have it. The yearbook collection held by the library is donation-based, and any yearbooks missing from our collection as of November 2015 are going to be missing from the digital collection.

Q: Why isn’t the yearbook from 20XX available?
A: Two reasons. First, we are missing the majority of local yearbooks published after 2000. Second, we decided to cut off uploads at 1999 because it seemed like a reasonable, if somewhat arbitrary, threshold for historical relevance. Whoever is library director in the year 3000 is more than welcome to scan and upload everything from the current millennium.

Q: I don’t use Facebook—why are these all on Facebook?
A: The Digital Yearbook Collection can be viewed by anyone; you do not need a Facebook account. Facebook was chosen as the platform for storing this collection because it allows for near-unlimited photo uploads with no charges for storage or bandwidth. As an additional bonus, many of our visitors are already familiar with using and navigating Facebook. Thanks, Facebook!

Q: I need a print-quality image/I can’t read the text on this image/can these be blown up any further/etc.
A: All pages have been uploaded using Facebook’s “high quality” setting, so we apologize if some text is still too fine to read. We have the original (higher-resolution) images on DVD-Rs at the library. These DVDs cannot be checked out, but they are available for in-library use, including printing, e-mailing, or copying image files to your own device(s).

Q: I have a copy of the yearbook from __________. Do you want it?
A: If it is from a school in/near our service area, and something we do not already have, then YES and THANK YOU! Our yearbook collection would not exist without donations. (Please note that donating a missing yearbook, while much appreciated, does not mean it will be added to the digital collection.)

Q: If I bring in my personal copy of the yearbook from ____________ can you scan it and add it to Facebook?
A: Probably not. Manually digitizing 100+ pages on our flatbed copier would be a massive undertaking. However, if the book in question is 50+ years old and you’re willing to leave it at the library for an extended period while we work on scanning, an exception could be made.

Q: Were all of these yearbooks scanned at the library? Do you have a book scanner available for use?
A: Sorry, no. Our yearbook collection was digitized through a program at Oklahoma Correctional Industries. Our on-site scanning capabilities are limited to flatbed scanning and microfilm/microfiche scanning. We uploaded and organized all of the image files (which was a large project in its own right) but we didn't scan them here.

Q: Somebody tagged me in an unflattering yearbook picture on Facebook. Can you remove it?
A: No, but you are welcome to remove it yourself. Simply log in to your Facebook account, go to the picture, and delete the tag. Facebook gives you full control over your own tags, regardless of who created the tag.For additional assistance, contact Facebook.

Q: Boulder? What does that mean?
A: It is the long-standing title of the Ontonagon High School yearbook. It alludes to the famous Ontonagon Copper Boulder, a float copper specimen weighing nearly two tons! (

Q: One of the links in the index is taking me to the wrong yearbook!
A: Please call, e-mail, or send us a Facebook message with the details of your problem (what yearbook you’re trying to view, and what yearbook is coming up instead.)