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The library will be CLOSED on Tuesday, May 2nd due to elections being held in the Township Building.
LEGO Club is CANCELLED for Monday, May 1st due to voting machine setup in the meeting room. The final meeting of LEGO Club will be held on Monday, May 8th as scheduled. Parents, if you'd like to send along a treat to share for our last session, please do so!
The May 2017 Library Board meeting will be held on Monday, May 8th, but will be pushed back to 5:00 PM to accommodate LEGO Club.



Starting Monday, March 20th, 2017, Carp Lake Township Library patrons can use their memberships to check out items here at Ontonagon Township Library...


... and...


Ontonagon Township Library patrons can use their memberships to check out items at Carp Lake Township Library (located at the Mineral River Plaza in White Pine)!

This innovative collection sharing initiative facilitates the immediate, in-person use of interlibrary loan priveleges, adding value and convenience to memberships at both libraries. All told, the collection sharing program gives residents of Ontonagon, Carp Lake, Bohemia, Greenland, and Rockland townships direct access to over 40,000 print materials and nearly 2,000 video units.

A picture of you, literally buried in books because of your unprecedented access to library materials throughout northern Ontonagon County!

Using statewide library data from the previous fiscal year, we ran a report to compare the Ontonagon Township Library to similar Michigan libraries. For this report, we looked at all libraries with a service population of 3,999 or less, and a total operating income between $25,000 and $100,000.


Using these criteria, we found that there were 41 libraries in Michigan that serve similarly small populations on a budget comparable to ours.


Here is how OTL stacked up against the other 40...




  • The Ontonagon Township Library was #5 in physical audio units on-hand (e.g., music CDs and audiobooks) with 748 items.


  • The Ontonagon Township Library was #4 in total circulation with 28,116 items circulated.


  • The Ontonagon Township Library was #4 in items loaned to other libraries with 1,280 items sent out on interlibrary loan.


  • The Ontonagon Township Library was #3 in total number of print materials on hand with 30,944 books and periodicals available.


  • The Ontonagon Township Library was #2 in Children’s Materials circulated with 8,063 items checked out from juvenile, board book, and easy reader categories.


  • The Ontonagon Township Library was #2 in total collection size with 37,793 items available.


  • And the Ontonagon Township Library was #2 in total library visits, with an estimated 22,776 in-person instances of library use. (That’s almost 13 people for every hour we were open!)


Thanks to all of our friends and visitors for helping us achieve these numbers!

Please note that we will be closed on the following days in 2016...


  • Monday, May 30th (MEMORIAL DAY)
  • Monday, July 4th (INDEPENDENCE DAY)
  • Tuesday, August 2nd (ELECTIONS)
  • Saturday, September 3rd (LABOR DAY)
  • Monday, September 5th (LABOR DAY)


Summer computer hours will also be going into effect in June. This means 30 minutes per session on the public computers, no exceptions. (If there is nobody waiting, you may sign in for another 30 minute session.)

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out for our summer programs. We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!

The Super Mega Hardcore Fancy Acoustic Concert a couple weeks ago was a great success. Here are some pictures of the action...




Tax season; a wonderous and exciting time of year. Let OTL be a part of your tax-related festivities. We have forms and instructions, and more forms and instructions, and, well, that's pretty much it but it's super-exciting!


  • Federal 1040 forms
  • Federal 1040 instructions
  • Federal 1040A forms
  • Federal 1040A instructions
  • Federal 1040EZ forms
  • Federal 1040EZ instructions
  • Michigan 1040 booklet (forms & instructions)
  • Michigan 1040CR-7 booklet (forms & instructions for Home Heating Credit claimants)

"Oh boy! I love doing our taxes!"
"Me too, bae. Like, for serious."


For any special documents or forms not on-hand (i.e., copies of the tax table, worksheets for special credits, practice forms, etc.) we will make copies or prints of any tax-related materials at a special rate of 10 cents per page.

When taking federal forms, please limit yourself to one per taxpayer. The IRS is only able to send us a limited quantity.