In 2017, most libraries have phased out the use of VHS and other cassette-based media for obvious reasons. One common problem with this is that certain vintage, local-interest films may not exist on DVD or streaming formats. To that end, OTL began transferring our local-interest VHS collection to a digital archive this fall.


Thanks to the magic of YouTube, we are able to easily share the first two films we were able to save as part of this endeavor.


Local interest VHS transfers will eventually be available to check out in the library on DVD format.

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What do Mixed Martial Arts DVDs, Amish Romance novels, and Clive Cussler have in common? Probably nothing! But thanks to the generosity of the community, we have a big stack of each heading to the shelves next week! So come on in and gear up for a relaxing night of reading inspirational romance stories and watching grown men pummel one another inside a steel cage (and follow it up with a story about a submarine filled with lost treasure, or whatever these Cussler books are all about). We promise it's not weird!

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75 years ago today, the world watched while one European nation after another surrendered to Hitler’s forces. In America, everyone was wondering how much longer we could avoid direct involvement in the war—it seemed less like an option and more like an inevitability every day...

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