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Don't miss your chance to be one of the first people on earth to see the DoD trailer, this Friday (1/16) at 7:00 PM at the Ontonagon Theater of Performing Arts, located above the library. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the first official DoD movie poster!


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In Copper Empire by Donna Searight Simons, all of the necessary pieces of a good historical fiction novel come together against the intense setting of the U.P. copper mining boom.



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Check out this wall near our side entrance!



It features a remarkably detailed outline of the U.P., and also some really neat wires with hangy thingies on them! Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, it is awesome, but there are a handful of small problems with it...

Ontonagon Township Library's first-ever Rock & Mineral Swap was a great success!

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In Fool’s Assassin, Robin Hobb thoughtfully revisits the characters who first elevated her to significance in the high fantasy marketplace. Over the past three decades, Hobb has given us many loosely interwoven tales about the sprawling kingdom of the Six Duchies and its neighboring lands. But it all started with a boy named FitzChivalry Farseer, and fans have long been clamoring for a continuation of his adventures, even after two trilogies dedicated to his exploits. Fool’s Assasin is the first book in what is presumed to be the last trilogy about FitzChivalry and his friends, aptly named “The Fitz & The Fool Trilogy”.

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The Library has added a bunch of exciting new materials for younger readers in the past few weeks. From popular movie tie-ins to engaging nonfiction topics, our kids' collection is always improving. We are especially excited to have added a few new titles that redefine what it means to "read a book". Adventerous young readers, come on in, and check out our...

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