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Calendar of Events

Pop-Up Craft Activity

Aug 6, 7, 8 Monday-Wednesday

Join us for our Pop-Up Craft Activity

Mon. Aug. 6 - 1pm-7pm

Tues. Aug. 7 - 11am-5pm

Wed. Aug. 8 - 11am-5pm

This is open to everyone!

For more information and to Register call 475-5241 or check out our Facebook Page!

**All are welcome but children under

the age of 7 must have an Adult caregiver in attendance.








For more information on any of these events

call 475-5241 or check out our 

Richmond Township Library Facebook Page.





Sept 19, Tues. at 4:30pm-5:00pm  - LEGO BUILDING

This is open to everyone of all ages. Come join the fun!

Call 475-5241 for more information!

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