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 From The Service Plan -

VII.  Advisory Council

A.  Advisory Board Representation

1.  A Council representing all of the full member libraries of the Cooperative will be formed to advise, evaluate and recommend actions for library service to the director and the Board of Directors.
2.  Each full member library has one vote.  Each library's representative on the Council will be the library director, who may designate a staff member to vote at a Council meeting.
3.  Appointments to the Advisory Council will be reviewed annually.

B.  Advisory Council Meeting Dates

The Advisory Council will meet at least one time a year.

C.  Advisory Council Responsibilites

1.  The Advisory Council will advise the Director and Board on issues pertaining to the Cooperative.  The Council will review the annual proposed schedule of services and make recommendations to the Cooperative Board.
2.  The Cooperative Director will serve as an ex-officio member of ad hoc committees.
3.  A task force can be formed by the Advisory Council to study/review a specific objective.
4.  The Cooperative Board makes the final decisions on all matters pertaining to governance.


Advisory Board of Librarians Minutes and Agendas
Agenda November 19, 2018  
Agenda September 11, 2018 Minutes September 11, 2018
Agenda June 5, 2018 Minutes June 5, 2018
Agenda April 24, 2018 Minutes April 24, 2018
Agenda March 20, 2018 Minutes March 20, 2018
Agenda February 20, 2018 Minutes February 20, 2018 
Agenda January 16, 2018 Minutes January 16, 2018
Agenda September 11, 2018 Minutes September 11, 2018
Agenda November 19, 2018 Minutes November 19, 2018
 Agenda January 15, 2019 Minutes January 15, 2019
 Agenda March 22, 2019 Minutes March 22, 2019
Agenda May 14, 2019 Minutes May 14, 2019
Agenda July 23, 2019 Minutes July 23, 2019
  Minutes October 22, 2019


Results from meetings held - August 16, 2016 and August 23, 2016



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