Board Minutes November 2015


Regular Monthly Board Meeting

November 4, 2015


The monthly meeting of the Alanson Area Public Library Board was called to order by President, Joan Niewiadomski, at 6:00 p.m.  Trustees present were Anne Billiard, Pat McFarland, BR Smith and Sue Warner.  Library Director, Anna LaRue, and employee Sherry Webster were also present.

Minutes:   Minutes of the October 6, 2015, meeting were approved as presented.

Treasurer’s Report:

•        Bank statements and bills for October were presented

•        Motion was made by BR to approve the bill payments for October; supported by Sue. Motion approved. 

•         Profit and loss statements were presented.

•        Total liabilities and equity as of October 31, 2015: $136,408.21

•        The budget for 2014-2015 was reviewed; Sue made the motion to make adjustments to the budget line item and the payroll item: increasing the book budget from $11,000 to $20,000; the payroll budget from $65,500 to $75,000; and $50,000 be put into a CD at First Federal.  Motion supported by BR.  Motion approved.

•        Sue, moved to accept the treasurer’s report, supported by Pat, report accepted.

Library Director’s Report:

•        Monthly cash and usage report was presented.

•        Programs:

                       Approx. 38 attended the Paranormal Program

                       Story Hour continues to struggle with low attendance

                          Book Club, will not meet this month    

·         Library Law and Computer and Internet Use Policies were reviewed corrections made and will be sent back to library attorney for review.

•        No response from the logo contest letters

•        Zinio renewal discussed; decision was made not to renew the online magazine subscription @ $550.00 per year

•        Rural Libraries Conference will be May 4-6 at the Grand

•        Anna will be on vacation from February 7-21.

•        Pat made the motion to approve the director’s report, supported by BR, report approved.

Unfinished Business:

·         A letter of acknowledgement was received from the Triangle Community Foundation for donation made in memory of Elizabeth Elder, to be used for cat sheltering enhancement.

New Business:

·         Alanson Christmas Open House will be December 11 from 5-8. Library will be open – trustees to provide cookies.

·         No date set for Friends Meeting

·         FYI – local revenues have not increased

·         Discussion as to spring book sale event – to have or not to have?


Meeting adjourned at 7:20

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Warner, Secretary


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