Board Meeting June 2016


                                                                                                                   June 1, 2016

The monthly meeting of the Alanson Area Public Library Board was called to order by President, Joan Niewiadomski, at 6:10 pm.  Trustees present were Anne Billiard, Pat McFarland, Sue Warner, and BR Smith. Library Director, Anna LaRue, and employee Sherry Webster were also present.   No guests were in attendance.

Minutes:    Minutes of the May 18, 2016 meeting were approved as read.


Treasurer’s Report: 

·         Bills paid for May were presented; BR made the motion to approve the payment of the May bills, supported by Sue.  Payment approved.

·         Liabilities and Equities as of May 31, $93,722.82

·         Sue moved to accept the treasurer’s report, supported by Pat, report accepted.


Director’s Report:

·         Cash and usage report was reviewed.

·         Program report:

Ron Fowler is working on new materials for children’s programs.

June 21, is United Way Day of Action, they will be here for Story Hour.

June 20, Robotics Week – Inland Lake’s team will be here for demos

·         Pat moved to approve directors report, supported by Anne, report accepted.


Unfinished Business:

·         Bathroom update and discussion

·         Harbor Springs City Council meeting is June 6, at 7:00pm; Anna and Joan will attend.


New Business:

·         Library Board elections:  BR moved to ‘roll over’ the present board for the coming year; supported by Pat.  Board will remain the same for the 2016-2017 year.  

·         Contracts have been received from West Traverse; Pleasantview; and Maple River townships.

·         Evaluations due for both Betsy and Sue.


Meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Warner, Secretary

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