Board Meeting December 2016



                                                                                                                   December 7, 2016


The monthly meeting of the Alanson Area Public Library Board was called to order by President, Joan Niewiadomski, at 6:00 pm.  Trustees present were Anne Billiard, Pat McFarland, Sue Warner, and BR Smith, and Library Director, Anna LaRue.   No guests were in attendance.

Minutes:      Minutes of the November 3, 2016 regular board meeting were approved as read.


Treasurer’s Report: 

·         Bills paid for November were presented; Sue made the motion to approve the payment of the June bills, supported by Pat.  Payment approved.

·         Anne discussed the recent audit.

·         Possible cost cutting measures were discussed

BR moved to accept the treasurer’s report, supported by Pat, report accepted.

Director’s Report:

·         Cash and usage report was reviewed.

·         Book Club review:   9-10 in attendance and discussion went well

·         Programs for 2017 report:

§  April 19, 7:00 pm – Mackinaw Straits Raptor Watch Program

§  June 21, 7:00 pm –Army Corp of Engineers,  Soo Lock Program (tentative)

§  Hope to have Ron Fowler at the Riverfest in August

§  George Colburn – Navajo Code Talkers  (tentative)  

Sue moved to accept the director’s report, supported by Anne.  Report accepted.

Unfinished Business:

·         Treasurer’s position was discussed.  Pat will shadow Anne, and see how things are done.   Anna has also volunteered to take over several of the responsibilities.

·         Board vacancy – this will be tabled until the new village council has had a chance to settle in.

·         Alanson Christmas Open House – Friday, December 10, 5-8 pm.


New Business:

·         Discussed the possibility of inviting the Petoskey Library Director to a meeting.  Tabled until February meeting.

·         Trustees and library director will attend Readmond Township meeting on January 4, 2017. The AAPL regular meeting will be January 11. 

·         It was decided board representation at other contracted township meetings would be beneficial.  Dates will be announced at a later date.

·         Policy reviews will be scheduled in 2017.                                                                          


Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.       

Respectfully submitted, Sue Warner, Secretary    

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