Board Meeting December 2019


December 4, 2019


The monthly meeting of the Alanson Area Public Library Board was called to order by President, Joan Niewiadomski, at 6:00 pm.  Those present were trustees Janet Batog, Sue Brants, BR Smith, Sue Warner, and library director, Anna LaRue.    No guests were in attendance.

Minutes:      Minutes of the November 6, 2019 regular board meeting were approved as read.


Treasurer‘s Report:

·         Reconciled bank statements for October were presented for initialing, as were the bills paid for the month of November.

·         Janet is preparing for the annual audit

·         BR. made the motion to approve the payment of the bills for November, supported by Sue B. Payment approved.

·         Profit and loss statement reviewed.  

Sue W. moved to accept the treasurer’s report

Director’s Report:

·         Book club choice for January:  “The Last Bus to Wisdom”, by Ivan Doig

·         Petoskey Janitorial Service has been hired to clean building – 3 days a week        

·         No snow removal hired as of yet

·         Thursday tutoring sessions going well

·         Job Fair,  here – census takers are needed; paying $24.50 an hour

Janet moved to accept the director’s report, supported by Sue B...  Report accepted.

Unfinished Business:                                                                                                                                                                                                  

·         It was decided not to provide cookies in the library for the Alanson Open House; no lights


New Business:

·         New calendars - Janet

·         Next meeting – January 8;


Meeting Adjourned – 6:35 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Sue Warner, Secretary

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