Board Minutes August 2018


Regular Monthly Board Meeting

August 1, 2018

The monthly meeting of he Alanson Area Public Library Board was called to order by President Joan Niewiadomski at 6:00 PM. Trustees present were Janet Batog, Joan Niewiadomski, and B. R. Smith. Library Director Anna LaRue was also present.

Minutes:Minutes of the July 5, 2018 were approved with two editorial changes.


·         Sue Brants attended with discussion of the possibility of joining the board as a replacement for Pat McFarland.

Treasurer's Report:

·         The amended budget as of 7-5-18 was discussed.

·         Pleasantview Township has yet to pay affiliation fee.

·         There is a remaining balance of $32,331.46 as of the end of July.

·         Penal fines will be received soon.

·         It was decided to postpone investing in another CD.

·         Motion to pay bills made by BR, supported by Joan.

·         Motion to accept the treasurer's report made by BR, supported by Joan.

Director's Report:

·         95 people attended the program on the Lusitania July 25.

·         About seven people were in attendance of the book club. This month's selection is The Innocent Man by John Grishham.

·         The Story Hour Program for children is progressing.

·                              A program by Eric Hemenway is scheduled for August 22.

                  The case for the new telescope is almost finished.


                  Book drops for selected townships are in the works.

                  Assistance with Overdrive was provided at Readmond Township.

                  A Superiorland meeting has been scheduled in Escanaba September 25-26. Anna plans to attend.

'               A grant application with Great Lakes Energy for $5,600 is in process.

                  Anna will be attending a high school reunion September 13-18.

                             Janet moved approval ofthe Director's report, supported by BR.

New Business:

·         A plaque expressing appreciation of the Wortley contribution will be discussed at the September

·         Set-up for the August book sale will be Friday, August 10 at 4:00 PM.

·         Sale will be Saturday 10:00-2:00 and Sunday 1:00-3:00.

Next meeting set for September 5, 2018.

       Meeting adjourned 7:08 PM.


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