Board Minutes May 2013


Regular Meeting

May 1, 2013


Meeting called to order by President, Joan Niewiadomski, at 6:05 PM.  Trustees present were Anne Billiard and B. R. Smith.  Sue Warner and Bonnie Weaver were absent.  Also present were Library Director Anna LaRue and Library Assistants Casey Carter and Sherry Webster.



  • Minutes from April 3, 2013 were read and approved.



  • None


Treasurer's Report:

  • Library has received payment of $2037.50 from Village of Alanson and $7,42.14 in state aid.
  • A budget meeting has been scheduled for May 15.
  • Anna has received past due bills dating back to March, 2009 for audio books.  She and Anne will address this promptly.
  • Dues for Friends of the Michigan Library Trustees have been paid.  $35.00 covers the board.
  • Motion to pay bills by B. R., seconded by Joan.
  • Motion to accept treasurer's report by Joan, seconded by B. R..


Library Director's Report:

  • Anna presented a gifts and donations policy.  Anne moved to approve, seconded by B. R..
  • Library will be closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of Memorial Day weekend.
  • Commemorative stamps for display in the library have been donated by Herald Heintz.  A note of thanks will be sent.
  • The search for an additional library assistant continues.  Further interviews are scheduled.
  • New books checkout request lists are now available at the desk.
  • The non-resident cards policy was discussed.  The current policy of requiring a $15.00 fee will continue.
  • The need for a book checkout receipt printer was addressed.  Anna will pursue this.
  • Superiorland will work on adjusting the imbalance of books loaned versus those borrowed.  A disproportionate number of books has been loaned, resulting in unusually large shipments.
  • Several summer programs are being considered, including a short story writing contest for grades 6-12.  Publicity was discussed.
  • An E-reader class has been scheduled for Saturday, June 22, 10-Noon.
  • Story hours are set for June 25- July 30.  10 AM for younger children and 11 AM for young adults.
  • PAWS volunteers and dogs may be tied into the reading groups.
  • A stone birdhouse building group is planned for July 20.
  • The computer projector needs service.  Anna will follow up.
  • A handout concerning usage statistics was presented and discussed.
  • Book Club is scheduled for May 20. Farmer's Daughteris the selection.



Unfinished Business:

  • Friends of the Alanson Library will meet May 8.  Plans for library involvement in Riverfest will be discussed.
  • One and two year goals for the library will be periodically reviewed.  A handout of working goals was discussed.
  •  Quality assessment measures will be considered at the November meeting.
  • The Library Director's job description and an evaluation form were discussed.  Anne moved approval, B.R. seconded. The new director will be evaluated after six months, annually after that.
  • Letters describing the changeover to Superiorland and the resulting budget implications are being prepared for township supervisors.
  • A special budget meeting is set for May 15.
  • Our next regular meeting will be June 5.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35.


Respectfully submitted,


B. R. Smith

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