Board Minutes January 2014


January 8, 2014 - Regular Monthly Meeting

In the absence of Joan Niewiadomski, Vice President, BR Smith called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm.  Trustees present, were Anne Billiard, and Sue Warner.  Bonnie Weaver was absent.  Library Director, Anna LaRue, was also present.


  • Minutes of the December 5, 2013 meeting, were read and approved


Treasurer’s Report:

  • Anne presented the bills to be paid, the profit and loss statements, and the bank statements for initialing
  • Sue made the motion to pay the monthly bills, supported by BR.   Motion carried.
  • Total liabilities and equity as of  December 31, 2013,  $98,221.68
  • The audit summary from Hill-Schroderus and Co. was reviewed
  • Casey and a friend made some technical improvements to our ‘deep freeze’ program, and adjusted the projector; we paid them for their services.
  • An old bill was received from Key Printing -
  • BR moved to accept the treasurer’s report, supported by Sue.  Report approved.

Library Director’s Report:

  • The cash and usage report was discussed.
  • Story hour started again on January 7.  We hope the numbers improve….
  • Computer class is canceled due to lack of interest.
  • There were only 3 responses to our Book Club survey
  • Mac Green will begin working on Jan.13; replacing Mary. He will be working until he begins his summer job at Walstrom’s.
  • We hope to be able to offer a Genealogy Class in the future; Emmet County Genealogy Society promoting this class.
  • Rural Library Conference to be held at Mackinac Island; April 31-May-2.  Anna will attend.  Trustees encouraged to attend if possible.
  • Anne moved to accept the librarian’s report, supported by Sue.  Motion Carrie

Superiorland Conference Call Report:

  • BR reported on the tele-conference call with Superiorland
  • Great Lakes Talking Books – $500.  grants available
  • Many positive support programs available to libraries in the consortium
  • Next meeting will be in Grayling

Unfinished Business:

  • FOAL indoor garage sale scheduled for April 26; set up on Friday the 25th.


New Business:

  • Anna presented a draft of the new Circulation Policy; after reviewing, Anne made the motion to approve the draft supported by BR.  Motion passed.
  • It was decided to call Penta Associates and have new cupboards put in the office, on the south wall only.  Sue will call Eric.
  • Ann made the suggestion that we re-visit the library By-Laws after we complete the Essential Qualities Review.

Meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Sue Warner, Secretary

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