Board Meeting April 2014



APRIL 23, 2014

 Meeting called to order by President Joan Niewiadomski at 6:03 PM.  Trustees present were Anne Billiard, and B. R. Smith.  The board welcomed Pat McFarland as a new member.  Also present were Library Director Anna LaRue and Sherry Webster.  Sue Warner was absent. 


  • Minutes of the March 4, 2014 meeting were read and approved.

 No Guests or Public Comment

 Treasurer's Report:

  •  Bills were presented for payment.  Profit and loss statements were presented and bank statements were presented for initializing.
  • Pat made the motion to pay bills, supported by B. R..  Payment was approved.
  • The purchase of books was discussed.
  • Visa card credit limits were discussed.
  • The credit card policy was discussed and amended.  B. R. made the motion to amend, supported by Pat.  Motion approved.
  • The Dave and Karen Hill donation was discussed.
  • The ordering of periodicals was discussed.  This will be condensed to one source, which will involve some savings.
  • It was decided to roll a CD which is due to another CD for three years at 1%.
  • Financial policies were discussed.  These will be reviewed at the June meeting.
  • B. R. made a motion to accept the Treasurer's report, seconded by Pat.  Motion approved.

 Library Director's Report:

  •  Circulation statistics were presented and discussed.
  • The hiring of two new Library Assistants was discussed and approved.  Robin Groszko will work Monday and Wednesday 10 to 4 and Sue Kissinger will work Monday 12 - 6 and Thursday 12 -7. 
  • Library programs were discussed.  The Genealogy program had 14 participants and 7 people took part in the Basic Computer program.  The recent Children's Story Hour drew more participants than before.  More story hours are being planned for July.
  • New computers have been installed by Superiorland. 
  • New aprons will be ordered for library staff.
  • Pinkerton has serviced the alarm system.
  • The board approved a check-out limit of 5 library-owned DVD's.  Anne will present a policy for check-out limits on other audiovisual items.
  • Anne made a motion to accept the Library Director's report, supported by B. R.

Unfinished Business

  • The FOAL rummage sale is set for Saturday, April 26, 8-3 in the Community Building.
  • Contract renewal letters will be mailed to townships this week.  They specify a rate of $3.00 per capita for two years. This is the same rate as previous contracts.
  • Statistics on library usage by township were presented.
  • We will continue to donate books to the Senior Center in Brutus.
  • We will have a budget workshop meeting at 6:00 May 21 in addition to our next regular meeting set for May 7.
  • Discussion of the budget will take place at our June 4 meeting. 

New Business:

  • Book boxes are needed for upcoming sales.
  • Plaques to honor Jean Lichius and Avis Granger will be ordered for placement in the library.
  • Maintenance is needed for the front door, for ceiling lights, and for a broken table.
  • We will plan in January for ways to celebrate National Library Week in April of next year. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:33 PM. 

Respectfully submitted, 

B. R. Smith, Vice President

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