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3000 Year-Old Cooking Fail  - Burnt Cheese Found in Bronze Pot at Danish Dig Site

 In a hilly wetland north of Silkeborg, archaeologists have unearthed a wholly intact Bronze Age clay pot containing a cheesy and charred residue burned to its inside.

"It's a glassy, foamy substance, a lot like when you've had a fire and the ashes have been burning so hot that they sometimes cinder together, forming a crumpy texture," says Kaj F. Rasmussen, head archaeologist from Silkeborg Museum. "It seems to be related to myseost from Norway, a brown whey cheese."  To read this entire NPR article: Cheese

 Hiking in Michigan

There are many beautiful areas in the state to explore on foot - many within a half hour drive of Glennie.  Michigan Trails

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