Our Young Adult Nonfiction section is gone!!! Now you may be thinking one of three things...


1.) That's awful! Why are you removing the books our young people need to learn about things and stuff?!


2.) Whatevs, bro. I was just gonna read the Hunger Games again anyway.


3.) Young Adult Nonfiction section? That was an actual thing?


Have no fear! The books themselves didn't disappear--we've only gotten rid of the section and changed the call numbers. Why? Well, YANF (as we call it in the business) only had about 30 or 40 books in it, and we decided that having a separate category for these books was probably a little bit confusing and ultimately pointless.


All Young Adult Nonfiction titles have now been re-cataloged into either the general Nonfiction or Juvenile Nonfiction sections based on reading level, content, and intended audience. Searches using the online card catalog will reflect the new locations and call numbers.