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311. N. Steel St.

Ontonagon, MI 49953


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Check out this wall near our side entrance!



It features a remarkably detailed outline of the U.P., and also some really neat wires with hangy thingies on them! Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, it is awesome, but there are a handful of small problems with it...


1.) Those wires and hangy thingies? They're intended for displaying local artwork.


2.) There is no local artwork hanging on the hangy thingies...


So we once again turn to you, our patrons and neighbors, and ask--nay, beg--that you come down and put something you've drawn, painted, photographed, crafted, or whatevered on display for the world to see. We'll accept anything that can hang on a hook and isn't wildly offensive, and you can take back your contribution any time you wish.


It doesn't even have to be something you made yourself. Maybe a cool old painting you found in the attic while you were pretending to be on one of those History Channel shows that aren't actually about history.