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Author Profiles are graciously contributed by Chris Bacon, Mason County District Library.


Ridley Pearson was born in March, 1953 in Glen Clove, NY.   Pearson was raised by his parents in Riverside, Connecticut along with his siblings, Bradbury and Wendy. He went to public school and then went to attend college at the University of Kansas and Brown University. He currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri with his wife, Marcelle, and their two daughters Paige and Storey.

Ridley started his professional writing career as a singer/songwriter in a rock band and spent a decade on the road playing gigs in clubs and at colleges. He is a founding member of The Rockbottom Remainders, an all-author '60s rock and roll band that featured Amy Tan, Dave Barry, Mitch Albom, Scott Turow, Greg Isles, Roy Blount, Jr. and on occasion Stephen King. The band broke up in June 2012.


Ridley and Dave Barry have also collaborated on a series of novels that explain the beginnings of Peter Pan, the first “Peter and the Starcatchers” spent 47 weeks on the New York Times Children's Bestseller List. It was later adapted into a play and went on to win five Tony Awards. The two have written four other Peter Pan related stories. Ridley also writes a children series set inside Disney theme parks called “The Kingdom Keepers.The stories are about five teenagers inside the Disney World who battle various Disney villains to keep the parks safe. There are eight books in the series with the latest released, “The Syndrome,” in March 2015. The story features Fairlies Amanda, Jess and Mattie as they attempt to find fellow Keeper Finn who has gone missing.


Ridley has also written numerous adult novel series, including the Walt Flemming series and Bolt Matthews series. His first novel was published in 1985 called “Never Look Back.” He has written over twenty adult novels and some of his writings have actually helped and stirred up controversy in real life. His 1988 novel, “Undercurrents,” helped a Washington state prosecuting attorney solve a real-life homicide by referring to research methods used in the book. The attorney contacted the oceanographer mentioned in the book's acknowledgment page and the oceanographer identified a tidal flow and a "window of time" essential to the case. The oceanographer went on to serve as an expert witness in the case and help convict the victim's husband of murder. The 1995 novel, “Chain of Evidence,” which brought up the possibility of a crime gene, was the focus of a genetics conference later that same year and caused a controversy that made national news. His latest adult novel, “The Red Room” was published in 2014 and is part of the John Knox/Grace Chu series.


Ridley Pearson's novels span across many different genre from serial killers to Walt Disneyland. With an emphasis on engaging the reader and delivering white knuckle suspense both his crime stories and children novels have earned him a reputation for detailed research and nail biting stories. His reputation for stories that grip the imagination, feature high-tech crime and forensic detail have led to numerous best sellers and millions of fans both young and old. So if you have a desire to be sucked into a world of espionage and mystery or if you or your children want to experience a world filled with beloved Disney characters as they battle evil try Ridley Pearson and become just one of many that find his stories to be bone chillingly good.