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Author profiles contributed by Chris Bacon, Mason County District Library


Robert Anthony Salvatore (pen name RA Salvatore) was born in January 1959 in Leominster, Massachusetts. He is the youngest of five children and a graduate of Leominster High School. After graduating he went to Fitchburg State College in MA where he planned on studying computer science. But, after receiving the book “Lord of the Rings” as a Christmas present his sophomore year he switched majors and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications/Media from Fitchburg in 1981. He went back the following year and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English. Before taking up writing full-time in 1982, he worked as a bouncer and contributes his fierce and vividly described battle scenes to his time as a bouncer.


Robert still resides in MA and lives there with his wife Diane and their three children. They have numerous pets including three Japanese Chins and four cats including. In his free time Robert likes to take walks, hitting the gym, and coaching/playing on a fun-league softball team. Robert is an active member of his community and is on the board of trustees at the local library in Leominster, Massachusetts. He is active with the American Library Association giving speeches at various conferences. In the fall of 1997, his letters, manuscripts, and other professional papers were donated to the R.A. Salvatore Library at Fitchburg State University.


Robert started his fantasy writing career in 1982 when he began working on a manuscript called “Echoes of the Fourth Magic.” After finishing the book in 1987 and sending it to the publisher TSR he was invited to audition to write the second book of the “Forgotten Realms” series. He won and was contracted to write the book “The Crystal Shard” it was released in 1988. Since then Robert has gone on to write numerous stories and series that take place in the “Forgotten Realms” universe including many stories featuring Drizzt Do'Urden, a dark elf that left his dark world to fight for justice in the “Forgotten Realms” world. Another popular universe Robert has written is the Star Wars universe where he has written two books including the controversial book “Vector Prime” where the character Chewie is killed. Contrary what many believe it was not Robert's idea to kill the character. It was Lucasfilm Ltd. that told him the character needed to be eliminated. Robert also has written several other series of his own creation including the very popular “The Demon Wars Saga.” In addition to writing novels Robert has written for video games, graphic novels, comics, and has had numerous short stories published.


Robert's latest book was released in March, 2015 titled “Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf” and is book three of the Companions Codex miniseries. The story focuses on Dritzzt Do’Urden and the continuing war with the Orcs, who appear to have the upper hand with two dragons on their side as they threaten to overrun both Dwarven and Elvish settlements.


Robert is a fantasy writer known for his very realistic and sometimes brutal action and adventure sequences. The fighting in his stories can be graphic at times, but it lends to the realistic nature of his stories that take place in other worlds and not of our own. His writing talent also includes the ability to create characters that have humanistic traits even in those characters that are worlds apart from even being considered human in appearance. The good versus evil stories are gripping with unexpected twists when alliances between friend and foe can turn with the ebb and flow of the ever changing and beautifully crafted and mind bending fantasy worlds of Robert's.


There are few writers with Robert's gift of bringing new and undiscovered worlds to life, but some that due come close include Kate Novak, Richard Baker, Lisa Smedman, Troy Denning, and Douglas Niles.


So if you are looking for adventure in a world not our own filled with fantastical creatures fighting, living, and dying for humanistic causes and beliefs give RA Salvatore a try and you will discover worlds that are very different than our own, but still much the same.