In 2017, most libraries have phased out the use of VHS and other cassette-based media for obvious reasons. One common problem with this is that certain vintage, local-interest films may not exist on DVD or streaming formats. To that end, OTL began transferring our local-interest VHS collection to a digital archive this fall.


Thanks to the magic of YouTube, we are able to easily share the first two films we were able to save as part of this endeavor.


Local interest VHS transfers will eventually be available to check out in the library on DVD format.




Ontonagon Tax Free Zone promo film - 1999



Mass City Centennial - 1999


These out-of-print films were digitized from the VHS archives at the Ontonagon Township Library in 2017. OTL makes no claim to ownership or copyright of the material. Any and all credits have been included as they appeared in the original copy. Any inquiries or concerns as to the intellectual property can be directed to Ontonagon Township Library staff.