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Ebooks and audiobooks


Sometimes you just live too far from our public library, or maybe our library doesn’t have the book you are looking for. Maybe you just don’t like carrying bulky physical books and prefer to read on a digital device or by listening to audiobooks. Well did you know that your public library loans out ebooks and digital audiobooks too? Here's  how to get to the website, and how to get the books downloaded:

  1. To get to the digital library you must either

    1. Go to the Ontonagon Township Libraries home page and looking on the Left side there is a sidebar with various pieces of useful information. One of the headings is "Local Links and  Helpful Resources". Under that headline one of the links will say "Great Lakes Digital library". Click on it. And Congrats you are at the page for checking out ebooks!

    2. Another way to get there is to search online Great Lakes Digital Library and it should be the first link that pops up.

    3. The other way to get there is through using an app on your portable device(s).The two e-reader apps currently compatible with Great Lakes Digital Library are "Overdrive" and "Libby". Both can be found by searching the Google Play app store and the iTunes store. When you launch the app, it will have you choose the Library you want to sign into. You should search for "Ontonagon" and the Ontonagon Township library is the only one that will pop up. Then Click on that, and then click on Great Lakes Digital Library, and the app will load a mobile version of the Great Lakes Digital Library homepage.

2. Now That you are on the site to check anything out you must sign in. In the top right corner when you get onto the page there should be a blue button that says Sign In. click on it to get to the sign in page. To sign in you will need your user ID number and your pin. Your user ID is the number on the back of your library card, and your default pin should be the last 4 digits of the phone number you used when registering for your library card. If you have any problems with your ID or pin, please contact library staff for assistance.


3. To borrow or place a hold.

    a. Borrowing is simple. After you find a book you like and click on it, there should be a blue button that says either "borrow" or "hold". If you click "borrow" you have borrowed the book and it is instantly added to your digital bookshelf.

    b. To place a hold, do the same thing as above. If there are no copies of the book currently available, you will see a "place hold" button instead of a "borrow" button. If you choose to place a hold, the book will automatically be added to your loans when it is available.

    4. Now it's time to download your book(s) so you can read or listen on the go. After borrowing a title, go to the upper right corner of the page. There should be a button looking something like three books leaning on each other. This is your "bookshelf", and clicking on that will show you a list of your current loans. (The layout may be slightly different on mobile versions, so look for the bookshelf icon, or a link that says "bookshelf".) Once you've accessed your bookshelf, simply click on the book you just loaned and should give you the option to download it. Click the"Download" button and follow the prompts to download the item. Depending on what sort of device you're using, and what title you're borrowing, you may be presented with options to download the book in different formats, or to read/listen directly in your internet browser. (Using the browser-based reader is a good choice for anyone reading or listening on a personal computer, but downloading a copy is essential if you plan to read or listen anywhere you won't have wireless data service.)  Congratulations, you have downloaded a book!





Great Lakes Digital Library homepage

Written by Cassandra Steffensen for Ontonagon Township Library, 2017.