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Michigan eLibrary Database Collection


Many people don’t have time to come to the library to search through books and articles for facts. Especially if you are a student busy with school and need to locate accurate information without wasting a lot of time. Well, going to the Michigan eLibrary (MEL) can help.


The Michigan eLibrary's (MeL) database collection provides access to nearly fifty high-quality databases, which are full of statistics, reports, articles, documents, and images. Many of the MeL databases are especially designed for helping students. MeL has a wide variety of databases you can access such as, Nursing Research center, an in-depth resource for medical professionals and nursing students, a fact website called Britannica designed for K-12 students, a Physical therapy and sports medicine database, several databases related to business, one on Psychology, the Health Reference Center database, Heritage Quest, two collections of online eBooks (one for Young adult and youth and another for all genres), a full-featured encyclopedia, and even some Spanish and multilingual resources. There are also special learning-oriented options for Kindergarten through 5th grade students, and even more that I haven’t mentioned.


You never have to worry about any of them being unreliable, because they are curated by information professionals at the Library of Michigan, and wouldn’t be included in the collection if they weren’t accurate. Best of all, the resources on the MeL database website are free to you just for being a Michigan resident. None of the links will spam you with ads or ask you to pay a subscription fee. If you are interested in any of the things listed above, check out to get to the full site listing. Have fun learning!



Written by Cassandra Steffensen for Ontonagon Township Library, 2017