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Tuesday, 20 April 2010 20:14

Click here for List of Board Members and Member Institutions and Designated Voters


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Membership resolution
Appoint a voting representative for the Annual Meeting and special meetings

Serve on UPRLC Board and committees

UPRLC, Inc. Membership and
Voting Representatives
(Designated voters at the Annual Meeting and special meetings)


 Board of Trustees

Board Minutes

Board Financial Reports

UPRLC Bylaws and Administrative Policies

Current Bylaws

UPRLC Policy Statements, 12 November 2009 adopted/affirmed

UPRLC E-Rate Policies

UPRLC Conflict of Interest Disclosure Policy

UPRLC Internet Policy

Internal Procedure for Release of
Library Records



ALS  Minutes   ALS Financial Reports



Agenda 02/13/2020 Board Meeting  
Agenda 09/19/2019 Board Meeting Agenda 09/19/2019 Business Meeting
Agenda 04/18/2019 Board Meeting  
Agenda 11/15/2018 Board Meeting  Agenda 02/26/2019 Board Meeting
Agenda 09/26/2018 Business Meeting  Agenda 09/26/2018 Board Meeting
Board of Trustees Annual Meeting 9/26/13 February 20, 2014  May 22, 2014 August 7, 2014
   Board Meeting, 25 Sept 2014  Annual Business Meeting 25 Sept 14  February 19, 2015
May 21, 2015  Annual Business Meeting 9/30/15  Board Meeting 9/30/15  February 16, 2016
June 14, 2016  Annual Business Meeting 09/29/16   Board Meeting 9/29/16   Board Meeting 11/03/16 
Board Meeting 02/02/2017   Board Meeting 05/11/2017  Board Meeting 08/03/2017   Annual Business Meeting 09/14/2017
Board Meeting 09/14/2017  Board Meeting 11/09/2017  Board Meeting 02/15/2018  Board Meeting 05/10/2018
Annual Business Meeting 09/26/2018 Board Meeting 09/26/2018  Board Meeting 11/15 2018  Board Meeting 02/26/2019 
Board Meeting 04/18/2019 Special Board Meeting 05/17/2019  Board Meeting 07/18/2019  Annual Business Meeting 09/19/2019
Board Meeting 09/19/2019  Board Meeting Minutes 02/13/2020    




UPRLC Contract For Management of the Shared Automation System


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